The Witch in PoE is much like caster courses in other RPGs

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The Witch in PoE is much like caster courses in other RPGs

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Leagues, on the other hand, are temporary, and most Path of Exile players spend the majority of their time playing in a league. Each league comes with its own gimmick. The current league is 'Harbinger,' and they have path of exile additional packs of Harbingers that predominate randomly points in channels, as well as new money and an extra map.The launching of War for the Atlas, the newest growth to Path of Exile, brought with it lots of new abilities and an equally large number of changes to existing builds.

The Witch in PoE is much like caster courses in other RPGs. An Arc Witch, in particular, makes use of a specific spell called -- you guessed it -- Arc. Arc, as its name suggests, is a lightning-based ability that has the ability to string from one enemy to another. The amount of enemies that Arc can chain to will be dependent upon a specific character's stone and enchantment configuration, but in any event it can not chain more than 11 times per cast.

As you can imagine, when every throw of your skill is bouncing around and hitting around 11 different enemies, then the DPS can accumulate fairly quickly. Bear in mind that the DPS mirrored in the tooltip is not telling you the entire story (as is often true with most tooltip DPS, on many abilities, in most Path of Exile matches). The tooltip DPS is for every individual enemy hit, which means you would have to multiply the tooltip amount by however many enemies you're hitting with the capability to be able to get a more accurate read on your DPS.

Shock is a lightning-based status ailment. Shock raises a enemies damage taken by up to 50% for an amount of time dependent on the amount of lightning damage dealt by the Path of Exile player. The Arc skill buy poe currency supplies an inherent 10% chance to shock any enemies hit by it. In order to bolster this amount, use the ideal combination of enchantments and other PoE items.

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