Tax law allows sports franchise owners to fifaah

Of het nu over harde brokken, natte voeding of BARF gaat, geen vraag is te gek, geen antwoord te veel. Is fretlief verzwakt, te mager of juist te mollig? Weet je niet wanneer je moet overschakelen van baby- naar performancevoeding? Heeft je fret extra vitamientjes nodig? Al deze vragen en veel meer kan je op dit forum kwijt. Geef in je topic ook zo veel mogelijk relevante informatie mee zodat anderen een klare kijk op jouw situatie en vraagstelling krijgen.
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Tax law allows sports franchise owners to fifaah

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We get the FIFA Coins details sorted through leaks (many verbal) to reporters pounding the phones and the hotel lobby. When we get those details and explain to our readers how very, very idiotic, misguided or, uh, insane a proposal is, we instantly face criticism from the side we're shredding for not knowing what we're talking about because hey!, you haven't even seen the proposal.The league demands that the bulk of this matter be handled in the shadows, not because the public doesn't care or because they have an obligation to players to keep this under wraps, but because the NBA and Stern's office specifically fear that with the curtain pulled back, everyone will realize what an absurd misrepresentation of reality the owners are presenting.Heavens bless Deadspin's Tommy Craggs and's Larry Coon for their skeptical reports on team finances Thursday. Deadspin acquired financial statements from the Buy FIFA 18 Coins New Jersey Nets' late Katz and early Ratner eras; they'd already presented docs on the New Orleans Hornets that showed the NBA's funny way of doing math. Coon broke down the statements in exemplary detail, explaining why the union doubts the league's stated losses, couched in every way it needs to be to avoid summary dismissal by Stern's office. The gist from both pieces: tax law allows sports franchise owners to fifaah write off player salaries as depreciable assets in addition to listing salaries as legit costs of doing business; basically, franchises deduct their payroll as expenses, then get an allowance for depreciation on the players being paid -- yes, depreciation on human beings -- which isn't an actual expense, but looks like one on the tax forms. Craggs, Coon and the players' union figure that knocks a decent chunk off of the league's stated losses.

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